A few weeks ago one of our readers asked us which e-learning development tool is best for the novice developer.  With the explosive growth in mobile learning it’s not uncommon for someone with little development experience to be tasked with updating their learning catalogue to be mobile friendly.  Since a number of new versions have been released over the last year it seemed worthwhile to take a quick look at the big three e-learning development applications from the perspective of a new or novice user.

For this comparison, we created simple identical modules in Adobe Captivate CS6, Articulate Storyline, and Lectora Inspire v11.  The idea was to compare not only price but also user interface, features, (interactivity, assessments, etc.), and output.  We developed short demos on how to use the fill handle in MS Excel that incorporated the basic elements of an e-learning module: text boxes, images, recorded demos, sound, etc.

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