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Vincent Frisina, Master Dilettante

So, I sit down at my desk and look at the day ahead of me. I have an outstanding task to deliver an email offer to a sub-set of my customer base. I sigh…heavily. Industry averages tell me only about 20% of people will even open the email, while another 3% will actually click my link. But this assumes they ever see the email. Many of these get trapped in SPAM. What can I do to improve this?

I send out a variety of mass emails for my company. Everything from training updates to software offers makes its way across my desk. Mass email campaigns suffer from a problem you may know nothing about: how “spammy” your email sounds to the robots allowing email into a network, or classifying it as junk.

Some mass-email software packages analyze your email and let you know, ahead of time, that you run a high-risk of getting blocked by the recipient. When in doubt, though, there are several free online tools which allow you to run this check manually, and get detailed information on how to improve your email.

Here’s one I like:

This tool let’s you copy and paste the HTML source code into the form and runs several diagnostics used by SPAM filters around the world.

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