Survivorship Bias

Survivorship Bias: Don't ignore the losersVINCENT FRISINADirector, Customer Marketing & ProgramsI bet you don't know just how helpful failures can be. It's pretty typical for humans to learn about the world through failures. Touching a hot stove, falling out of an...

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TRAIN THE TRAINER SPAM-a-lot Vincent Frisina, Master Dilettante So, I sit down at my desk and look at the day ahead of me. I have an outstanding task to deliver an email offer to a sub-set of my customer base. I sigh…heavily. Industry averages tell me only about...

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Versal Course Creator

Versal Course Creator This is a pretty cool site. Here you build versatile and pretty robust courses for use by your organization. If you're strapped for cash to spend on a training program, start here!. Take a look at the courses listed in their catalog - made with...

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Sample In-Application Help Video

This video distills the most complicated aspect of day-to-day operation of the MobilityCentral product. It’s elegant in its simplicity, condensinng four separate training videos into one.

MobilityCentral University

MobilityCentral University provides a centralized resource for training and certification on the MobilityCentral product suite. MCU uses a Moodle back-end to host a variety of learning resources such as: self-paced e-learning modules with SCORM integration, LMS integrated videos, standalone e-learning modules with quizzes, surveys, certificates, and more. Moodle setup and all content population was done by Vincent Frisina.

Sample Training Webinar

This webinar discusses the process of creating and reviewing budgets in a software tool called MobilityCentral. The process is non-linear and requires several steps to complete. This webinar was aimed at increasing adoption of this budgeting tool.